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Abba Kyari’s Wife and The Roman Theater of Karma -By Inibehe Effiong

Abba Kyari’s Wife and The Roman Theater of Karma

By Inibehe Effiong

Abba Kyari’s wife did not slump at her house, work place or on the road. She didn’t slump on her way to the court where her husband is standing trial. She did not slump after leaving the court. She slumped within the court premises.

Was it real or just a replay of the now notorious caricature that members of the elitist class have been showcasing in our courts whenever the ghost of stewardship knocks at their doors? There is a report in a section of the media that she’s asthmatic and may have likely suffered an attack at the time. This is a possibility. I’m not a medical doctor and cannot determine what happened to her.

All that I can say is that her husband, Abba Kyari, has been afforded due process of law. He is having his days in court.

Tragically, many Nigerians who were arrested by the dreadful IGP Intelligence Response Team led by Kyari were never afforded due process of law by him.

Many suspects arrested by Kyari are no where to be found.

The National Human Rights Commission has summoned Kyari to explain the disappearance of some missing persons arrested by Kyari. The missing persons also have wives, parents, children and siblings that care about them. But Kyari has refused to account for their whereabouts.

A country that celebrates people like Abba Kyari, or creates a system that allows people like him to act with such reckless impunity, cannot experience real, impactful and lasting development.

Kyari’s sins are legion. He should not only be held accountable for his alleged role in drug trafficking and money laundering. Abba Kyari should account for his leadership as leader of the IGP Intelligence Response Team.

He should account for every arrest, detention, extra-judicial execution and asset confiscation that took place under him.

That is what should happen in a civilized society.

*Inibehe Effiong is a human right lawyer, based in Lagos.*