The driver of the 18-seater Mazda bus
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Breaking!!! Driver Dies, Many Injured As Buses Collide Along Moniya-Iseyin Road

Breaking!!! Driver Dies, Many Injured As Buses Collide Along Moniya-Iseyin Road

The driver of the 18-seater Mazda bus

The call for special rescue units along federal and State roads in Oyo State was renewed on Friday as the driver of an 18-seater Mazda bus died after a head-on collision with a mini bus after Aawon river along Moniya-Iseyin road on Friday afternoon.

The driver died while rescue efforts were on to remove his mangled body from the bus which had tumbled about three times after colliding with the commercial mini bus heading towards Iseyin.


The Chronicler Newspaper’s reporter who witnessed the incident said the 18-seater bus was hit by the mini bus coming from Ibadan who made attempt to overtake a lorry that was emitting dark exhaust, lost sight of the oncoming bus and caused the accident.

The driver of the car that followed the mini bus which caused the accident, Mr Niyi Raheem said the mini bus caused the accident for overtaking the trailer when he could not see the oncoming 18-seater bus from Iseyin.


”It is very unfortunate that the driver had to die like that, our commercial drivers should know that overtaking must be done when there is perfect view of the front, he caused the accident by overtaking even when the thick smoke from the trailer’s exhaust had blinded him.

”We learnt that the 18-seater bus took off from BOVAS filling station at Oluwole in Iseyin, that is their park, I wish there was immediate help to rescue him and the fatally-wounded passengers.

“I thank God Almighty that the Mazda bus did it turn to the main road while tumbling after the impact, it would have affected my vehicle and others coming behind it.”

Another witness, Mr Yinka Awujoola called on the federal and State governments to put in place an Emergency Rescue Unit along all major roads to assist in rescuing passengers that get fatally wounded in accidents of such nature.


He said the units could have special free toll numbers that people could call whenever there is road mishaps, saying the life of the driver of the Mazda could have been secured if given first aid treatment.

Awujoola added that the passengers that had fatal injuries could also die if they could not get access to first aid.

The Chronicler Newspaper reported on Sunday 10th October 2021 that 18 passengers died in an auto crash that happened at kilometer 5 at the Iseyin end of the Moniya-Iseyin road.

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