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Exclusive!! Group Kicks As Customs Makes Efforts To Return To Iseyin ….Gives Each Victim of Shooting’s Family A Million Naira

Exclusive!! Group Kicks As Customs Makes Efforts To Return To Iseyin

….Gives Each Victim of Shooting’s Family A Million Naira

The Chronicler Newspaper has gathered that officers of the Nigerian Customs Service have visited Iseyin over the weekend to plead with families of the four victims of shootings carried out by their personnel.

A recent face-off between the Customs officers and smugglers at the outskirt of Iseyin, in Iseyin local government led to outburst of violence, as the crisis later snowballed into shooting in the town and four people were killed by stray bullets, among whom was one of the smugglers.

Close source at the meeting informed The Chronicler Newspaper that top hierarchy of the service, some leaders of the smugglers and elders from the community held a meeting, where the families of the dead victims were offered a million naira each.

The delegation from the NCS according to our source, pleaded for the mistakes made by the officers and asked that they be allowed to operate within the town after the whole situation has been settled.

A source who spoke with our reporter under anonymity on Sunday said it had been predicted that money would change hands and after the families of the slain have been compensated, Customs’ offices would still spring up within the town.

“People said it that most people pontificating immediately after the killing would later capitulate and allow these people to come back, it was not the first time they would kill our people and run, later to come back and beg secretly, while the same old thing would still re-occur.

“If we say they have paid the families a million naira each, can we say that is the worth of the life of each individual their men killed? Has the value of human life become so cheap? What do we believe now? Did they not say they will not allow them stay in the town anymore? Has the scare of the killings healed?

“I want to use this medium to call on the people of Iseyin to resist any attempt for the customs offices to be in the town, they can stay at border areas to do their jobs, I hope we will not come back to this same issue and start complaining again,” he lamented.

Efforts to get the response of the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Oyo-Osun Command was futile, as his telephone line was available before publishing this report.

Meanwhile a socio-political group, Ebedi Frontliners, Iseyin (E.F.I) has kicked against efforts by the NCS to return to the town, condemning the support given by smugglers for their return, as he said the conniving smugglers were supposed to share from the blames of the men of the NCS.

In a telephone conversation with The Chronicler Newspaper, the Public Relations Officer, Ebedi Frontliners, Iseyin (EFI), Alhaji Segun Fasasi said the news was a rude shock to him that the Customs could have the boldness to make attempt to have offices in the town again after the killing and unrest they have always been unleashing on the community.

*Alhaji Segun Fasasi, P.R.O of Ebedi Frontliners, Iseyin (E.F.I)*

He urged the people of Iseyin not to allow the offices of the NCS to be sited within the town, as the mode of the work done by their officers, according to him, are better done in the borders of the community.

“I also heard that those people came but I know my people, it is normal to give money to the families of their victims but is a million naira the worth of a human life? I do not blame them, I blame those smugglers that reap from the deaths of innocent people that were killed whenever they had confrontations, our people should not be used as shooting targets anymore, we will not stand aside and be looking,” he said.

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