IBEDC Disconnects Ikolaba Residents As Customer Threatens Staff With Cutlass

IBEDC Disconnects Ikolaba Residents As Customer Threatens Staff With Cutlass

Residents at Small Mosque area of Ikolaba area in Ibadan may be in for a long period of darkness as the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) disconnected the area after one of its staffers was attacked with cutlass by a resident.

Trouble started around 12pm on Tuesday when the staff of the IBEDC went to the area on routine check and disconnected some houses.

The staff, whose name is known simply as Taiwo was challenged by a resident who claimed not to be owing on his bill and was rebuffed by the official of IBEDC and he went to bring out a cutlass which made the staff call his office and there was reinforcements and subsequent disconnection of the area.

One of the residents accused Taiwo of high handedness and serial extortion of Customer in the area adding that he was also accused by some people in the area that to have supplied fake prepaid meters to some residents.

“It is unfair to visit the punishment of one on many others that were not part of the attack, the IBEDC should not have disconnected the whole area just because one person attacked their staff.

“Mr Taiwo, as he is generally called has always been noted for extortion and have many times sold fake prepaid meters to the people, although we all disapprove of the action of the man that attacked him, but we pay our bills as at when due, why do we have to be in darkness for this action of one man?”

Most of the residents The Chronicler Newspaper spoke with urged the IBEDC to look into the situation and rather investigate the matter than continue to punish the whole community with disconnection.