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Iseyin Community Protests Poor Work Attitude of Medical Doctor at General Hospital

Iseyin Community Protests Poor Work Attitude of Medical Doctor at General Hospital


The people of Iseyin in Iseyin local government have have protested the poor work attitude of the medical doctor attached to the General Hospital in the town.

In a protest letter written and signed by the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) of Ebedi Frontliners,  Iseyin (E.F.I), Alhaji Segun Fasasi, the medical doctor, Olugbenga Olawale spend the lager part of his working time at his own private hospital while patients were left to their fate at the government hospital.

The group claimed that while some members of staff at the general hospital strive to attend to patients, others have taken to the lackadaisical attitude of the doctor, who is the head of the management body at the hospital.


”We have written a protest letter that will be sent to the governor of the State, the Commissioner for Health and the Chairman, Hospital Management Board, to intervene in this matter and give us a more dedicated doctor that will see to the wellbeing of our people.


”We have been silent over this issue for long, the man will rather be busy at his hospital which is in the same town than be busy with the work he collects so much salary on, we will not take this from him and the rest of the staff members anymore.”


Doctor Olawale and some other staff of the Iseyin general hospital were also accused of asking patients to come back in some other days before they could be attended to.


Ebedi Frontliners, Iseyin added that various efforts have gone into having face to face interventions with the doctor by community leaders, in order to make him realize the impact his negligence was having on the medical wellbeing of the people.


”He was reported to always resume to work by 11am daily, what if there are emergency cases that would need his attention, he would rather want the patients to go to his hospital,” the group said.

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