Iseyin LCDA Administrator Stops Collection of Money At Public Water Works

Iseyin LCDA Administrator Stops Collection of Money At Public Water Works

*Hon. Raheem Ajibola during the inspection of a health facility at Ladogan-Ijemba

The Sole Administrator, Iseyin South Local Community Development Area (LCDA), Hon Raheem Ajibola has asked officers at the Ajumoda Water Works in Iseyin to stop forthwith, the collection of money from people that went there to fetch water.

The Ajumoda Work as well as Atoori Water Work belonged to the State government, under the supervision of Water Corporation of Oyo State

Raheem said the present administration is against collection of any money from people for basic needs like water, education among others as he maintained that Engr. Seyi Makinde’s government was a welfarist government.

“Today, we visited Ajumoda water works, where a marching order was given to stop collection of money from domestic water fetchers which was introduced by the Last Administration .

We are committed to free education, free health care, drinkable water is also free. Inflicting unnecessary hardship on our people, all in the name of generating I. G. R is now a thing of past.”

The Sole Administrator added that he visited some health facilities within his LCDA that were in need of government’s intervention, which he was ready to start work on as early as possible.

“We also visited Ladogan/ijemba health care centre where the infrastructure are in a sorry state, we have pledged to do everything within our capacity to renovate the facilities for the betterment of generality.

“We thank God Almighty for HIS grace and we thank our dearest Leader, a God sent Governor, Gov. Seyi Makinde for this wonderful opportunity to serve my people, my community where I was born and brought up.”

Governor Seyi Makinde has announced that collection of any levy from pupils and students in primary and secondary schools in the State was illegal as he maintained that his administration has made the management of schools more convenient through the release of school grant.

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