Let There Be Light! Awaye Community Agog With Joy As IBEDC Restores Electricity A Year After

Let There Be Light! Ado-Awaye Community Agog With Joy As IBEDC Restores Electricity A Year After

Residents of Ado-Awaye in Iseyin local government were in frenzy mood, jubilating over the restoration of electricity to the community after a year.

There had been power outage in the community since the 6th May 2018 due to what officials of IBEDC called extensive damage to the 33kv power line by heavy wind, which saw to destruction of poles and cables.

“Repair works started last week and today we are happy that power is restored,” said Seyi Adeniji, a resident, beaming with smile.

*Seyi Adeniji

He went on “the commercial activities in this locality has witnessed near collapse within the period of outage as many of the youths who engaged in works that required electricity could not function without it.

“Many have left for Lagos while some went back to okada (commercial motorcycle) riding. Today that we have power restored, those selling cold drinks to survive and barbers, sound studio, hoteliers and others can rejoice.

“We appreciate the efforts of those that came together to make the restoration possible. They have done so well.”

Ado-Awaye is notable for the presence of the popular hanging lake which attracts tourists to the community.

*The Publisher, The Chronicler newspaper, a presenter at TV Continental (TVC) Sarah sitting by the hanging lake atop the Ado-Awaye mountain

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