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Makinde Commends Titilayo Ahmadu As NGO Distribute Sanitary Pads To 823 Students

Makinde Commends Titilayo Ahmadu As NGO Distribute Sanitary Pads To 823 Students

The wife of Oyo State Governor, Engr. Mrs. Tamunominini Makinde has appreciated the Convener of Women’s Organization, Resources, Knowledge and Skills (W.O.R.K.S), Mrs Titilayo Ahmadu for her love and dedication to the survival of the girl child, especially in Oyo State.

The commendation was made at the Queen’s School, Ibadan recently when the organization organized a special talk with students of the school and distributed sanitary pads 823 Senior Secondary School students of the school.

Makinde, who was represented at the event by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Intervention Funds, Mrs Aderonke Adedayo, said the initiative was in tandem with the vision and mission of the present administration in the State to elevate the status of the girl child through free and quality education as well as hygienic care.

Aderonke said “Her Excellency is particularly pleased to support this initiative that is providing sanitary pads and supplements to 823 Senior Secondary School students of Queen’s School, Ibadan, and is also pleased that this initiative will be extended across Oyo State.

“Oyo State is blessed in so many ways.  We have a very youthful population.  His Excellency, the Governor has ensured that every child has access to education by the cancellation of the payment of school fees and any other fee by whatever name called.

​“The Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) programme in Oyo State funded by the World Bank is also ensuring that out-of-school children such as beggars both girls and boys attend school.  Malala Yousafzai the youngestNobel Laureate, she is 24 years, who was shot at the age 15 by the Pakistani Taliban for going to school said “Educate a girl and educate a nation”.  This is so true because girls are future mothers and nurturers.  I however believe that true education should be a holistic education that includes being aware of and taking care of physical health and mental health of the girl child.

​“Girls must be prepared physically and mentally to enter the workforce and compete with the boy child.  How do we do this?  Girls must be encouraged to take part in physical activities like sports to take care of their bodies and must be encouraged to avoid their bodies being violated by rape or abuse.  We must also ensure that girls feel that the school is a safe place for their emotional and physical well-being.  Girls must see their school as a place of refuge, should there be turmoil elsewhere.  The place where they canspeak out.  Speak about it.  I quote Elie Wiesel, another Nobel Laureate, a political activist “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”.  The best health and mental awareness a girl-child can have is the awareness that she can speak out!“

She charged school authorities to give closer attention to the needs of the female students and urged individuals and bodies to emulate the gesture of the organization.

In her address, the convener of W.O.R.K.S, Mrs Titilayo Ahmadu, who also marked her 62nd birthday and the 50th anniversary of her admission into Queens School, Ibadan, said the occasion afforded her the opportunity to give back to her Alma Mater.

She described ‘Period Poverty’, lack of adequate information about menstruation cycle and it’s maintenance as disturbing to the girl child and her plan towards the future, which she hinted that the programme was tailored towards eradicating.

She appreciated the present government in Oyo State for giving desired attention to the welfare of the girl child and vulnerable children while also thanking the former Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly who doubled as former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Monsurat Sunmonu and other supporters for gracing the event.

“The Chairman of this occasion, Her Excellency, Engr Mrs Tamunominini Makinde ably represented by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Intervention Funds, Mrs Aderonke Adedayo, my friend & sister, the very 1st female speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly, Sen (Dr ) Monsurat Sunmonu, my English teacher while here in school, Madam Lydia Lola Onifade, all other dignitaries duly recognized.

“Today is a very special day in my life, not just because it’s my 62nd birthday and the 50th anniversary of my admission into Form 1 in this school, but because it is another opportunity to give back to my alma mater by starting something valuable in the lives of these girls who we want to develop into FEMALE LEADERS.

“It is the beginning of a journey in the lives of these girls to instill confidence in them so that they can grow with ease into womanhood by distributing quality WHO approved sanitary towels to them and to deliver Health & Morality Talks.

“By this action we hope to Educate the Girl Child on Period Maintenance which in turn will help to empower them and build them into proper leaders in the future.

”Period poverty ( lack of adequate knowledge on Menstruation Cycle & it’s Maintenance) is a major hindrance to the proper development of the Girl Child and tackling it at this stage is a project we want to seriously embark upon as it will bring about confidence in the GIRL CHILD.

“Confidence for the girl child is apt in that a confident girl child will grow well. She will be able to dream & focus on her dreams believing that they can come true.
A confident girl child is able to believe in herself and not be a victim of physical & mental abuse such as rape, prostitution etc & will be able to SPEAK OUT when necessary.
A confident girl child will look forward to being part of Nation building & many more positive things.

“This is why we as a Consortium of NGOs with like minds under the umbrella of Women’s Organization of Resources, Knowledge & Skills, ( W.O.R.K.S) came together to purposely add value to Oyo State by partnering with Her Excellency , the First Lady of Oyo State, Engr (Mrs) Tamunominini Makinde to make a difference in the lives of the OYO STATE GIRL CHILD and help her ease gracefully into WOMANHOOD.

”Today’s project is just one of the ways we hope to add value to the Oyo State Girl Child. As women ourselves, who have been through this journey , we know the specific areas to work on in the life of the girlchild,” she stated.