Moniya-Iseyin Road: Done and Dusted, Ikere Gorge Dam Next Level- Omole Ayobami Joseph

Moniya-Iseyin Road: Done and Dusted, Ikere Gorge Dam Next Level- Omole Ayobami Joseph
Moniya- Ijaye Ojutaye – Iseyin Road happens to be a 65km road that connects  Ibadan with the whole of Oke – Ogun region; housing 10 LGA on its own. The major occupation of these LGA’s is farming. Before the birth of the present government in the state, we will all agree that these region has been politically forgotten, despite being an important factor that has produced many past governments.
Aside dishing out its political support to successive governments during elections, it also serves as the food basket of the whole Southwestern part of Nigeria.
Despite all these numerous advantages the region portend to the State, the only route that leads to this part of the State from Ibadan for many years, turned out to be an ache in the head for its users but despite all odds, we were all left with no choice than to ply the road for business trips and other needs for survival.
Many forms of agitation sprout up; from physical consultation to protest, to many others but there was no one to hear our cry. The only answer we got was the physical appearance of workers prior to the 2019 general election. On sighting these people, our thought was that yes and finally we got an answer, but it was later discovered that they only came to fool the people because of the coming election. These workers only worked on some spots on the road and left immediately after the election without anything tangible done on the road.
Fortunately, the one with our answer emerged. Governor Sèyí Mákindé came on board and the project was reviewed. After been keenly scrutinized, it was detected that there were so many forms of manipulation in the project and they were all sieved out while the project was re-awarded.
Lo and behold, the project turned out to be a reality and was commissioned on Thursday, 4th of June 2021 by Governor Samuel Ortom, who was on an official visitation to Oyo State governor on the same day.
Plying this road before the intervention of the present administration in Oyo State, you would use a minimum of two hours and thirty minutes, depending on your vehicle type and immediately you are in Ibadan or Oke-Ogun area, it’s a must for you to visit a mechanic for your vehicle must have developed a fault due to the poor road network. Right now, within forty-five minutes you are done plying this route.
This is so commendable and we thank the Governor for never forgetting his promises to the Oke-Ogun people. Aside easy movement on the road, it will also usher in many developmental activities to all towns along the road and also to Oke-Ogun itself.
 The Governor has done so well and we believe he will still do well by placing much importance on the rejuvenation of the Ikere Gorge dam that has been neglected for years. Mr. Governor sir, the dam will serve as tourist center, means of employment, source of power supply and many other benefits we all stand to get. As you have promised, we await your efforts to bring Ikere Gorge dam back to life.
We heard from the people at home on Thursday that the governor put aside all fears of the bad road to tour the Ikere Gorge Dam after commissioning the Moniya-Iseyin road and promised that work would commence on the Ikere road soon.
Thank You Mr Governor!!!
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