Interview: My Father Once Used Alligator Pepper (Ataare) To Treat Wounds And The Wounds Vanished Immediately – Dr Shola Ogundare

My Father Once Used Alligator Pepper (Ataare) To Treat Wounds And The Wounds Vanished Immediately – Dr Shola Ogundare

*Dr Shola David Ogundare

The Chronicler Newspaper recently with had an encounter Dr Shola David Ogundare, CEOSound Health Nature and Massage Therapist Center Ltd., and he bared his mind on the future of trado-medicine and its challenges.

The Chronicler: Can you Introduce yourself?

Dr Ogundare: I am Hrh Shola David Ogundare, the Alagogo-Ide of Agogoide Kingdom, Abeokuta, Ogun State. I am a renowned herbal practitioner, the CEO Soundhealth Nature and Massage Therapists Centre Ltd., a consulting division Herbsense and General Merchant Nig. Ltd.

The Chronicler: Did you ever thought you would grow up to become a herbal medicine practitioner while you were young?

Dr Ogundare: No, I never had it in mind while I was growing up.

The Chronicler: So how did fate brought you to this line of practice?

Dr Ogundare: I just have passion for the practice and besides I was born and bread in the family where they practice natural medicine. My father, popularly known as Baba Sunday Oloogun is into it and I learned it from my father and still went to school to learn more on it.

The Chronicler: Your father was popular while we were very young, especially in the area of giving natural medicine succour to people, especially those with festering wounds. Can you remember some moments that you cannot forget while you were with him?

Dr Ogundare: Yes, many of them! He is still alive healthy today though. One of the moments was a day when two popular masquerades met at round-about Oke-Oja at Iseyin and there was a serious fight among their followers. Many were wounded and were bleeding seriously. But on getting to my father’s place, he brought out alligator pepper (Ataare) and began to chew after tha,t recited some incantations. After a while, the bleeding stopped automatically and it was like those people never had any injury.

That was the very day I was blessed with the secret behind the stoppage of the blood gushing out from a fresh wound. This happened to about six people. It was a memorable day.

The Chronicler: Does Baba still practice? Do you consult him?

Dr Ogundare: He is aged but he still practice and I consult him often. You know that omode kin laso titi ko ni akisa bi agba. (Smile)

The Chronicler: How do you think Herbal Medicine has contributed to Nigeria’s economy, especially against the backdrop of capital flight occasioned by medical tourism in the country?

Dr Ogundare: It has contributed immensely to the growth of our dear country. We are many in the field and most of us have factories where we produce our products. We employ both graduates and young school leaver. This has helped in creating job opportunities and We do both importation and exportation of our product. With this, we pay some charges that are going to the purse of the federal government. But the major one is the alternative treatment we are giving to some ailments that have defied orthodox treatment. There are ailments that some people do refer to western world but now we herbal practitioners can handle them with ease here in our nation.

The Chronicler: Has these helped you to grow financially and contribute to your society? If yes, in what areas have you done these?

Dr Ogundare: Hmmmm yes! Well it has helped me a lot and I have contributed to the society in many ways. I have offices across the Niger Delta states and I have done for so much for many societies and organizations in the South- Southern Nigeria. I want to do same in the Southwest too but I don’t like to blow my trumpet, and I have it in mind to do more in our community where I was born, I mean Iseyin. When it is time, your newspaper will tell the people what I have to do.

The Chronicler: What areas do you think your philanthropic gestures will cover? Is it in education, women empowerment, youths empowerment?

Dr Ogundare: Hmmmm, like I said, when it is time, you will know my area of interest.

The Chronicler: Looking at Nigeria’s present economic reality, what do you think is the future of trado-medicine in Nigeria?

Dr Ogundare: What we are experiencing presently shows vividly that the future is going to be great because people are having more interest in natural medicine now and with the level of patronage and positive results, It’s going to be welcomed in all our hospitals nationwide, though it depends on our government but I think as time goes on they will introduce using natural medicine in our hospitals as it is in India,China and some other parts of the Western world.

The Chronicler: What advice do you have for the younger ones who are studying medicine in the universities in relation to having knowledge of traditional medicine?

Dr Ogundare: Yes of course I will like to tell them to seek natural medicine knowledge. To hell with those knowledgeable persons that don’t share their knowledge before death visits them.

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