Oke-Ogun Lokan Agenda: Why we failed – Hammed Saheed Oloro


Oke-Ogun Lokan Agenda: Why we failed – Hammed Saheed Oloro

It is no more new to the world that Oke-Ogun people have been eyeing the number one seat of Oyo State, and this clamour is very necessary due to a number of reasons, majorly is the way Oke-Ogun region is been marginalized in Government policies and projects.

Left to me, this call should have been accomplished subject our level of political participation, academic exposure, population among others.

However, we are still at par at realizing the dream due to a number of reasons which has made other zones to see our agitation as mere child’s play.

The first is our relationship and history of bitterness between the major towns and cities in Oke-Ogun, especially Iseyin, Shaki, Igboho and so on.

Another is lack of readiness of our informed youths. It is saddened that many of Oke-Ogun Youths don’t believe in the accomplishment of this movement.

Another major one that has serious hindrance on the failed attempt in 2019 election was lack of participation or interest by many influential and noble sons and daughters of the region.

Furtherance is also lack of effective Interest by our Kings, sincerely yours, I expected our kings to call a spade a spade to candidates from other regions in 2019. But instead, we knew whom and whom many of them supported.

My dear fellows, you can’t believe that the project was left to some indigenous Associations while others were just looking from afar.

Again is our political leaders, I always wondered if our political leaders, even those in the same party, can come together for once? At least for this mission to see the light of the day.

Lastly, I think our indigenous leaders, community leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, giants of industry, academic dons and youths need to set up a FORMIDABLE TEAM to tackle this mission. This is because it is very difficult for few groups or individuals to carryout this mission.
We expect your participation and prayers.

~Patriot. Hammed Saheed OLORO
National President, Progressive Movement of Oke-Ogun.