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Oyo Youth Parliament: ‘Why We Are Supporting Makinde For Second Term’ – J’Icon Ojo

He described Governor Makinde as a reliable leader who is keeping his campaign promises.

Oyo Youth Parliament: ‘Why We Are Supporting Makinde For Second Term’ – J’Icon Ojo

Member Representing Oriire State Constituency at the Oyo State Youth Parliament, Hon. Joshua Ojo Akin ‘J’Icon’ has hinted on the reasons behind the passage of vote of confidence on the Governor of the State, Engr.?Seyi Makinde and consequently endorsing his second term ambition.

He described Governor Makinde as a reliable leader who is keeping his campaign promises.

Joshua in a statement on Saturday said the governor has adhered strictly to his manifesto since his assumption of office, a move he ascribed to the reasons why the present administration has continued to enjoy the support of the generality of the people of the State.

“During his campaign and Upon assumption of office in 2019, Governor Makinde rolled out his Manifesto titled, ‘The Oyo State Roadmap for Accelerated Development 2019-2023’ which has four priority pillars of governance upon which the map is built – Economy (through agribusiness), Education, Healthcare and Security.

“As at today, being the third year of the first four year term, from Statistics, he had kept over 70% of the promises he made to the people of Oyo State. Against the popular insinuations that Professor Dahud Shangodoyin, our Patron influenced our decision, NO. Permit me to elaborate a bit.

“On Economy, Governor Makinde promised to drive the economy of the State via the infrastructure revolution, with the way Governor Seyi Makinde is Engineering road-network in OKE-OGUN zone, particularly Saki & Iseyin, the zone is growing to become the ‘economic hub’ as it serves as a central nerve with roads being either completed or under construction:
– 45km Saki – Ogbooro – Igboho road is under construction,
– 9.7km Dualized Saki township road has been completed,
– 65km Moniya – Iseyin road is completed,
– 77km Ogbomoso – Iseyin road under construction among others, the message is loud and clear.

“Ibadan, the State Capital is attracting investors, a good case study is AfriCar – a ride-hailing initiative of ‘stallion group’ – a Dubai-headquartered company who adopted Oyo State as their piloting State in Nigeria through which further expansion will spun from.

“You can imagine the economic advantage the State will benefit from the completed and ongoing road projects in Ibadan, example is the 91km IwoRoad-Iwo-Osogbo road joint-venture of Oyo/Osun State governments, the 37km Beere – Olorunsogo- Amuloko Akanran road connects Dagbolu Ijebu North of Ogun State. The foresight is that these efforts will further expand the economic potentials of the State.

”Makinde has trained over three thousand of our colleagues in Agribusiness, resuscitated the moribund Fashola Farm Estate, adopted 35km Oyo – Iseyin federal road to open access to the farm. Renovations of burnt markets – Akesan market in Oyo.

“Remodeled Adamashingba Stadium, Ultramodern Bus Terminals among others are world class infrastructure.

“On Education, the joint venture of LADOKE AKINTOLA University of Technology, (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso described by his predecessor as a marriage of inconveniences which we must live with while our students suffers and smile with constant industrial actions by staff unions, Makinde has made it possible. He has ensured that Oyo State has LAUTECH to herself.

“Like magic, the supposed marriage of inconveniences which Late Governors Ajimobi and Aregbesola of same political party APC could not resolve was broken in November 2020 despite the two Governors from different political parties PDP and APC. Governor Seyi Makinde has since being faithful to the institution via timely subventions. Effects of Good governance in quote.

“On Healthcare and Security, constructions of several Primary Healthcare Centres across the State, Training, Retraining and Recruitments of over 500 health workers, the role Makinde played in the establishment of our darling Western Security Network outfit code-named AMOTEKUN, enabling environment for the federal sister security agencies among others.

“To mention bus few, Governor Makinde is the proverbial round peg in a round hole, can only do better. All these efforts are in line with the International best practice in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September 2015 to ensure the whole World becomes a better place where even young ones and less privileges can thrive.

“Our strong believe is that, should this kind of energy and tempo be sustained till 2027 and beyond, my constituency and even every nooks and crannies of the State would have experienced infrastructure turnaround.

“It must be noted that the process that brought in this Youth Assembly was credible as each aspirant passed through rigorous selection processes devoid of political influence undertone. All efforts to manipulate the results of the process was negated by the obvious clever plan of His Excellency through the selection Committee led by the Ashiwaju Seun Fakorede, Commissioner for Youth and Sport. Everyone can recall the seamless process of Teachers’ Recruitments too, Health Workers among others. A merit driven world.

“During our last sitting in August, I sponsored a Motion urging the state government to establish an employment trust fund for youths to tackle unemployment and promote entrepreneurship in the State by empowering the Youths and other residents with job and wealth creation opportunities. Some of our colleagues have good business proposals, but lacking enabling Capital.

“The Lagos State launched their version of Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) with initial Capital Sum of 25Billion in year 2016, through the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund Law 2016 of the Lagos State House of Assembly and has over the years, empowered Lagos residents across different demographics with innovative programmes.

“We’ve since passed our resolutions to the Oyo State House of Assembly and the Office of the Honourable Commissioner for Youth and Sport for Consideration for further processes and we believe Governor Makinde will consider it’s implementation.

“Youth Considerations in the appointment of a very clever 27 year old Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development ENGR. Seun Fakorede in 2019, Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resource – Barrister Seun Asamu, his administration saw to the appointment of another bright youth as the Speaker of the 9th Assembly – Rt. Hon. Edward Ogundoyin. These are kind of sustainable principles of our pride.” he concluded.

“It could be recalled that during the last plenary session of the House at the House of Chiefs (In a message to mark the country’s independence anniversary day), The Oyo State Youth Parliament has passed a vote of confidence on the administration of  Governor Seyi Makinde for another term in office.

“Oyo State Youth Parliament is a Youth Assembly from all the 32 State Constituencies of the State under the tutelage of the State House of Assembly, directly under the State Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, a non partisan umbrella body for the State Youths created in Compliance with the United Nations Charter on Youths Development as a platform through which their voices could be heard on government policies that affect them directly,” he asserted.