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Pictures As The Chronicler Newspaper Unveils Ekunle High School Press Club

Pictures As The Chronicler Newspaper Unveils Ekunle High School Press Club

*Picture shows executive members of the Ekunle High School Press Club with Mr Alhazan Abiodun (left, back row) and the Coordinating teacher, Comrade Ademola Wasiu (right, back row)

Students and members of staff of Ekunle High School, Ekunle Iseyin in Iseyin local government were elated as a community tabloid, The Chronicler Newspaper unveiled the school’s Press Club.

The programme, which entailed a special session whereby interested students were taken through simple elements of the media and other aspects of the profession, as it affects students interest in general writing.

The Publisher of the newspaper, Mr Alhazan Abiodun said the essence of the ‘Resuscitation of School’s Press Board and Library System’ was to bring back the old ways of incorporating reading culture into students writing skill.

He maintained that the approach was to assist academic performance through the major students‘ exra-curricula activities which many public schools have abandoned.

”The Press Club, like the public school library system will assist societies like ours to promote reading culture and inadvertently, improve the students’ academic performances, we have used the examples of many literary giants from the world, in Africa, Nigeria, Oyo State and Iseyin to make them understand how the twin approaches of Press Club and School Library system can help their performances in internal and examinations examinations.

“We are calling on the government to make these unique approaches workable in all our secondary schools and the positive changes we are experiencing in the education sector will multiply.”


The Head of the Press Club for the school, Master Ogunsola Quadri appreciated the gesture of the media organization and promised that his members and the school authority would not let down the benefactor in their academic performance.