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Residents Commend Firefighters, Tanker Driver For Saving Lives Properties at Ibadan

Residents Commend Firefighters, Tanker Driver For Saving Lives Properties at Ibadan

Residents of Basorun area in Ibadan have commended the men of Oyo State Fire Service, Federal Fire Service and the driver of a fuel truck that caught fire on Friday morning for their efforts at saving lives and properties when the fire started.

The fuel truck that belonged to OLAREM Petrol Station at Basorun was about to offload a consignment of petrol early Friday morning when fire struck from a spark and the tanker caught fire but the driver, whose name is not made public took the decision to drive the truck outside the fuel station to the road where the fire continued to rage.

Timely intervention of the federal and State fire service men as well as the fire truck of BOVAS Petroleum Company saves the neighborhood from being razed.

According to a resident, Doyin Omiyale, who tweeted about the incident on Friday morning, the firefighters saved the day as many lives and properties would have been destroyed but for their timely intervention.

“Was actually still in bed when my Neighbor raised the fire alarm, banging on my door, shouting “Mr Omiyale you’re still sleeping when the whole neighborhood is about to catch fire”😂😂😂
The filling station is just behind our Neighborhood.

“it was reported that the tanker driver upon noticing the fire while inside the station drove it out to the middle of the road and jumped out immediately, thereby mitigating the would be tragic inferno. should he not the station would have caught fire along with the neighborhood.

“After Exhausting two fire fighting water trucks, the fire was still on.
Bovas sent in there fire fighting truck which also complemented the efforts of the fire fighters.
they were able to attack the fire from different angles.

“Later on, a bigger truck came in with much more capacity and pressure.
then they were able to tackle the source of the fire. which gave them victory over the fire.

“Today I witnessed a first hand experience where few Men put others first by putting themselves on the line, they were so immersed in there work not minding the risks.
these are the faces of some of the Fighters who put an end to the fire incident today.
Kudos to Them,”


*Photo Credit – @Dotun Omiyale


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