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UI Clinic Was Shutdown When I Contracted COVID-19 – Remi Raji

UI Clinic Was Shutdown When I Contracted COVID-19 – Remi Raji

By Babalola Toheeb Ademola

Prof. Aderemi Raji Oyelade declared that the clinic of the university of Ibadan was once shutdown when he contracted the dreaded COVID-19 virus in 2020.

The professor of English and Literary studies made this known during the symposium in honour of his 60th birthday held at the room 32, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, on Tuesday.


Raji said that the Jaja Clinic in the University was closed when he developed covid19 symptoms last year over the fear of patients in the clinic being infected.


The celebrant added that before he realized what was going on, news regarding his contact with Covid-19 had been circulated within and outside the university community.


“They close Jaja Clinic because of me when I have covid19 symptoms last year, Before I knew it, the news had been circulated… I thank God for everything.

“The fools say there’s no God until the God bite him and say Oh! my God.”


The Chairman of the event who is the Dean of faculty of arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Prof. Niyi Okunoye, praised Raji for being locally significant and internationally relevant despite his shyness.

“Prof. Aderemi Raji is a shy person despite being locally significant and internationally relevant”

The Head of Department, Prof. Olutoyin Jegede did the presentation and distribution of Book of Tributes titled ‘REMRAJ @60.’



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